Mint to be...!

Oh so fluffy!

Scented luxuries.

Silver sparkle!



Exclusive sugar bean textiles

Only the very best for your baby!
For each question

when drawing up and compiling your sugar beans

Petit Mouton offers a detailed response;
This catalogue gives you a complete overview
 of the exclusive product range

with its specific combinations and possibilities.


Before earning a place in the Petit Mouton product range,
 each item has to pass a number of specific criteria

and a set of tests. 


Enter the wonderfull world of Petit Mouton 
and set together your personal, exclusive range!

icoon blauw.png
icoon grijs.png
icoon roze.png

Welcome little one!

Soft grey & sprakling white print.

Exclusive & unique design.

Our designers

make your wish come true!

First outfit


When your little one is finally there, 

you just want to wrap them up

in the finest, softest, first outfits!



falls into place...


We'll tell you stories,


we'll tuck you in tight,

say a little prayer 

& kiss you goodnight...




Mint to be!


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